Mbolo ! Salut ! Hey !

Hey, I’m Noria – a designer, developer, and researcher with a passion for creating stunning and intuitive mobile apps. Originally from Libreville, Gabon, I grew up surrounded by different cultures, colors, and nature. My love for fashion started at an early age, as I would draw outfits and later teach myself how to sew. I love creating and innovate. Since I couldn’t pursue a career in fashion, this creative outlet allowed me to start thinking about how I could create products while helping others.

I began my career as a web developer, where I gained technical skills and learned how to build functional and user-friendly websites. However, my true passion lay at the intersection of design and technology. This realization led me to transition to UX/UI design. As a UX/UI designer, I can combine my technical background with my love for fashion and design to create innovative and user-centered mobile apps.

My passion for fashion and design fuels my creativity, and I am constantly seeking new and innovative ways to bring my designs to life. Whether working on a mobile app for a fashion retailer or a finance startup, I always approach each project with a fresh perspective and strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with design and technology.

I believe that design should be fun, innovative, and engaging, and I always strive to bring a playful and creative approach to my work.

In summary, I’m Noria – a driven and creative UX/UI designer with a passion for fashion, technology, and design. With my technical skills, design expertise, and love for innovation, I am committed to creating mobile apps that engage and delight users. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me and am eager to create beautiful, user-centered designs that make a positive impact on the world.